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Successful audience on M6, the sketch series "Scenes of households" dissects every night at dinner time the life of several generations of couples, and celebrated its tenth birthday in early November.

Launched in 2009 by Alain Kappauf (Kaamelott, Camera Café, Family) and Christian Baumard, Scenes of Households is the adaptation of a Spanish format, "Escenas de Matrimonio".

Originally, three couples, one in their thirties, one in their fifties and the other in their seventies take turns on the screen in sketches shot without editing, burlesque slices of life that echo the daily lives of many people. viewers.

Since then, three new couples have come to enrich the cast: twentieth, a couple with a big difference in age and young parents, while one of the star couples of the beginning, played by Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion, has left the adventure to focus on a career boosted by the success of the series.

At a time when TF1 and France 2 broadcast their JT and France 3 its daily series "Plus Belle la Vie", M6 has managed to dig its wake with this comedy series, which attracts an average of 3.6 million viewers since the fall (16.4% audience share according to Médiamétrie), making it the most watched daily fiction according to M6.

The Six broadcast on November 7 a best-of the last ten years from 20H25, then a new premium "La Ch'tite compet" from 21H00.

The viewers found Jose and Liliane (Valerie Karsenti and Frederic Bouraly) competing in a dog competition with their dog Hipop, the grumpy Raymond and Huguette (Gerard Hernandez and Marion Game) deploying tricks to win the title of Super Grandma or Fabien and Emma (David Mora and Anne-Elisabeth Blateau) participating in a TV game.

- "Total freedom" -

"It's an adventure, there is something that keeps us going, we are a family and we have a great complicity," says Marion Game, during a press meeting organized with actors for 10 years. "Everyone brings his soul," says the side of his husband Raymond, who, of Spanish origin, judges the Spanish version less successful than the adaptation.

In addition to the complicity of the couples of actors, the success of the series is also due to a unique working method, with seminars bringing together the authors, actors, directors on two days before each season to launch tracks for sketches.

There are regular meetings between authors and comedians: "we intervene on the texts, we love certain scenes, others do not, sometimes something is missing, and what happens in the final on the set are the texts that we have made laugh, it is the great intelligence of the production, one of the secrets of manufacture ", details Valérie Karsenti.

"Inside a frame, one has a total freedom, as in the theater", pursues the interpreter of Liliane which appreciates "the lightness which brings its character": "the freedom I like very much, it is very rare for a woman clown characters, "she says.

"The authors use a lot what is released.I wanted to be less + Namaste + (greeting when you do yoga, ed) so I'm going to play football this season," says his side Amelie Etasse, who plays Camille , a yoga teacher in a relationship with an older pharmacist played by Grégoire Bonnet.

Their couple is one of the most recent, which has earned them a lot of stress and anguish to not be up to the task, says the actor: "At first, we are really lost, the complicity must be drawn, there are twenty texts a day, it's a hell of a mess! "

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