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Surprise your mind .. 9 ways to help you think outside the box


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Boredom forces us out of safe places, we lose passion, and we are killed by repeating things.We face a constant war on stalemate, and then constant attempts to get out of the box.It is not easy, but it is not as difficult as some might think.You just have to follow your passion and stick to some steps that succeed Others are explained by economic thinker William Alan Doss in his book "Revolution of Thought," and "Innovator."

Thirty years spent by Alan Doss in five different industries, he discovered that many businessmen with age get out of their safe thinking circles is very difficult.

Thinking outside the box
"Thinking out of the box" The newly emerging term is a hollow expression, according to Alan, who sees its application on the ground need someone with the skill of Steve Jobs, and the adventure of Colonel Sanders, the creator of KFC.

A scientific trick followed by Alan out of stereotypes of thinking, boiled down to the use of the northern brain lobe with the right lobe, which produced him a different type of insight he was able to be different, a difference that positively affected the company's profits.

Discovering the aspects of your left and right brain, and working to integrate them together is not difficult, but it only needs you some of the steps outlined by Grammarly, a business rules specialist.

Ask children
Children still retain their innate innate and freshness of their ideas, and from them you can take the tip of the thread towards the idea you want outside the box.

Albert Einstein: If you find it difficult to explain something to a child, you don't really understand this thing.

Simplify things
If you find it difficult to explain what you want to say to a child, simplify it first before putting it up. As Albert Einstein said, "If you find it difficult to explain something to a 6-year-old, you don't really understand this thing."

start again
Routine is the enemy of innovation, do not repeat what you did yesterday, and let yourself renew even if you make mistakes, always make a new mistake and will later avoid mistakes and become more mature.

Ask yourself: Why?
We always face change by the same old habits, but before you do it ask yourself: Why should I do it? Then you will face yourself with the fact that what you have always been doing is not what works all the time.

You don't have to be Picasso, you won't sell your paintings in the end, but you have to enjoy and play with the colors, even if they are just crayons they will be able to free your ideas.

Drawing helps you edit your thoughts (Pixabee)

Surprise your mind
Do some mental exercises and intelligence games that will stimulate the mind to skill thinking.

Training courses
In any area, whether it's in your attention or away, but at least your mind will respond well to these changes in your thinking as a result of the new things you see.

Free writing
If you have children in elementary school, you certainly have heard about the free reading class, in which a subject is chosen, researched and read.This is what you will also do, but by writing, use a paper and a pen to replace the computer, set your alarm to force yourself to write at a certain time.

A study at Stanford University has shown that walking helps to free the mind and helps you to be creative even for a short time.

Source: aljazeera

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