In a press release, the Group writes that the savings are partly due to declining advertising revenue due to competition from global players such as Facebook and Google - as well as rising costs for newspaper distribution.

Hall Media's journalists are currently guarding Jönköping, Kronoberg and Västra Götaland counties. What the notification means for each newspaper is not known.

All existing magazines will also remain digitally, but mergers are planned for printed magazines. This means that readers will be offered a thicker local newspaper under a common title.

Losing ad revenue

- We have one of Sweden's fastest growing digital subscribers, which will soon pass 20,000. We have a stable base of subscribers, but distribution costs cannot be lowered at the same rate as we are losing readers - and this creates a negative result despite the fact that we are very digital going Good. We also lose advertising revenue at a rate that is higher than both we and the media industry have predicted. Most of what we now inform that we are going to implement are plans that already exist - but we need to implement them faster than we previously thought, says CEO Mats Tidstrand in an interview with his own newspapers.

Put down local editors

According to Herman Nikolic, editorial manager and responsible publisher, Hall Media may have fewer local editors in the future.

If the dismissal is carried out in accordance with the now-laid notices, the media company Hall Media AB will have about 190 employees left.

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