South Korea GSOMIA's suggestion of withdrawal withdrawal is recognized as difficult at present 21:30 on November 10


A senior official at the Cheong Wa Dae Office suggested that Japan would revoke the abandonment if the relationship improved with regard to the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement (GSOMIA), which is no longer in effect this month. It showed the recognition.

The President of the National Security Office of Cheong Wa Dae, Korea ’s presidential office, held a press conference on the 10th after President Moon Jae-in returned his five-year term.

Among them, regarding the relationship between Japan and South Korea, the leaders of the two countries exchanged words in Thailand that we visited on this month as “the closest neighbor and partner for peace and stability in Northeast Asia”. Also mentioned and emphasized the importance.

On the other hand, he pointed out that "the root cause of the difficulty in relations with Japan is on the Japanese side."

In addition, the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = GSOMIA, which will cease to take effect on the 23rd of this month, stated that "If the relationship with Japan is normalized, we are ready to reconsider the extension of the agreement," improving the relationship. This suggests that withdrawing the abandonment will be considered, but the current situation continues to strengthen export control by Japan.

He also expressed his view that the impact on security would be limited even if the agreement was abandoned, and emphasized that “It is a problem that South Korea and Japan should solve and has nothing to do with the alliance with the United States.” .