Frankfurt / Main (AP) - Even after the end of the two-day strike air traffic at Lufthansa should not run smoothly. The airline is expecting some flight cancellations and delays because machines and crews are not yet in the right locations.

But they wanted to return to the normal flight schedule as soon as possible, a spokesman said. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport also expects crowds, as many passengers had rebooked because of the strikes of the flight attendant union Ufo on Thursday and Friday. Some avoided Saturday.

At the same time, there is some hope for an end to the wage dispute for the approximately 21,000 Lufthansa flight attendants. Ufo and the airline want to discuss possible mediation. Both sides agreed strict silence. According to reports, the talks on Sunday are to begin in a secret location. One needs the confidentiality, in order to clear up difficult legal questions, so Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr. "If we settle, the whole thing must have legal support."

Due to the strike of the UFO, Lufthansa had canceled a total of 1500 flights worldwide with a special flight schedule. She spoke of about 200,000 passengers concerned. Especially the hubs Frankfurt and Munich hit it.

If there is no Lufthansa response, the Ufo wants to strike again - even with other companies of the airline. "Either we have a solution or we will just announce that there must be a massive expansion," said UFO spokesman Nicoley Baublies the dpa. "Because, if that's not enough, yes, then more companies have to go on strike, and then it has to be longer." On Monday, further action is announced.

The Ufo had on Thursday and Friday, the Lufthansa core company on strike. After ballots, she is also on strike at four Lufthansa subsidiaries, in Germanwings, Eurowings Germany, Lufthansa City Line and SunExpress Germany.

Lufthansa has completed a turnaround with its targeted talks with Ufo: for months it had denied the Ufo Executive Board the right to represent and rejected any negotiations.

Ufo calls for higher expenses and allowances as well as better access for seasonal workers to regular employment. However, the main issue in the entire conflict is whether UFO can even enforce collective agreements for cabin crew.

Spohr is seeking a uniform collective agreement for the Lufthansa core company. He referred to the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings, where you have found with the competing unions Verdi and Ufo matching degrees. Since Wednesday, Lufthansa has also spoken with the "Cabin Union" of the Ufo spin-off IGL, which is still being established.

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