Sikh pilgrimage route between India and Pakistan completed November 10 6:12

The Sikh pilgrimage road, which had been under construction between India and Pakistan, was completed, and many believers from the Indian side visited the Pakistani temple for the first time without a visa. As the conflict between the two countries continues over the sovereignty of the Kashmir region, it will be noticed whether this will lead to improved relations.

Between India and Pakistan, construction of a pilgrimage route has been promoted last month so that Sikhs living in India can visit the temple on the Pakistani side in line with the birth of the founder's birth in 550. Agreed to allow Sikh pilgrimages without visas.

At the opening ceremony held on the 9th in Pakistan side, Pakistani Prime Minister Khan and India's former Prime Minister Singh attended and celebrated the completion. I visited the temple on the side for the first time.

The pilgrimage temple is located in Punjab, Central Pakistan, about 4 km from the border with India, and it can be visited daily by about 5,000 pilgrims.

India and Pakistan have continued to oppose the Pakistan government strongly against the Indian government's direct control over the province of Kashmir, which competes for territorial rights on the 31st of last month.

Under such circumstances, it will be noted that this initiative, which started between the two countries, will lead to improved relations in the future.

Former Prime Minister Singh India “Historic moment”

Indian Prime Minister Shin, who attended the opening ceremony of the pilgrimage road, told the media that the Sikhs living in India were able to visit Pakistani temples without visas. Is a historic moment, and the opening of the pilgrimage road will help improve relations between India and Pakistan, ”he said.