Russia, North America and North America, but the future of discussions is unclear November 10th 4:48

Russia invited US and North Korean officials to an international conference in Moscow and tried to mediate the dialogue between the two, but it seems that it was untidy, and the US-North Korea talks about the denuclearization of North Korea The future remains uncertain.

The international conference held in Moscow, Russia, closed on the 9th, with the attendance of special envoy of Mark Lambert in charge of North Korean issues at the US State Department and North American Director Cho Chools of the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

In line with the meeting, Russia's Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Morgrov and others discussed individually with Lambert and Ambassador Cho.

In connection with this, officials of the Russian government revealed to NHK that "both the US and North Korea have made arrangements to negotiate", but in the end it seems that they have not settled.

The United States and North Korea last month had a practitioner talk about the denuclearization of North Korea with the attendance of a special envoy Lambert in Sweden, but the talks were unsuccessful and there is no prospect of resumption.

It is not clear whether Russia-US talks were held without Russia's mediation this time, and the future of the US-North talks on denuclearization remains unclear.

Russia, on the other hand, repeatedly discussed with the representatives of the United States and North Korea at the time of the meeting, and renewed the idea that denuclearization of the Korean peninsula should be done among multiple countries, including Russia. It seems that there was also an aim to show Russia's presence related to.