National Tamaki National Team aims to expand the party with a new approach to the House of Representatives November 10th 4:49

For the next House of Representatives election, Tamaki representative of the National Democratic Party wants to expand the party power with a new method, "national tour" to appeal the policy in the streets of various places using large monitors installed on the truck bed I decided to start.

The Democratic Party of Japan is facing a challenge in how to expand the party stance for the next House of Representatives election as the party's approval rate is sluggish. To start.

The tour will appeal to the party's “Household First Economic Policy” and ask questions from the people gathered while showing data using a large monitor installed on the truck bed.

In addition, a video of the tour is posted on the party's homepage, and you want to increase the interest of young people through the Internet.

Mr. Tamaki stated at a press conference that “innovation of street speech is necessary, and we want to introduce data and achievements in a way that appeals visually, and carefully explain the philosophy and policy”.