Oleg Sokolov is suspected of killing a former student in Russia, and was arrested Saturday morning in St. Petersburg.

The famous Russian historian Oleg Sokolov, suspected of having killed a former student, was dismissed from his position as a member of the scientific council of the Issep, the school founded by former MP Marion Maréchal, announced Saturday the establishment .

"We learn with horror from the press the atrocious crime allegedly committed by Oleg Sokolov, who was a professor of the chair of modern history at the University of St. Petersburg, and who has been a visiting professor of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Sciences. High studies at the Sorbonne, decorated with the French Legion of Honor, we did not imagine that he could commit this heinous act, "wrote in a statement the Institute of Social Sciences Economic and Political (Issep).

This specialist of Napoleon, aged 63, was arrested Saturday morning in St. Petersburg. Out of the waters of the Moika River, he was carrying a backpack where the local police discovered two woman's arms and an alarm gun. According to Russian media reports, the police found at Oleg Sokolov's home the beheaded body of 24-year-old Anastasia Echchenko, who had been her student and co-authored several works with him. The historian reportedly admitted to killing the young woman at home two days ago, the local 47news.ru newspaper reports, citing unnamed sources in the police.

A scientific council composed of figures of the French far right

"We immediately withdraw his function as a member of the scientific council and we offer our condolences and our support to the family of the victim", continues the Issep, school run by Marion Maréchal, former member of the Front National and niece of Marine Le Pen.

Issep's scientific council is composed of figures of the French far right, such as the founder of the New Forces Party, Pascal Gauchon, the former president of the Royal Alliance, Yves-Marie Adeline and the conservative essayist Thibaud Collin. Also participating in this instance the British Raheem Kassam, part of the pro-Brexit Ukip party.