• Argentina.The Argentine president-elect joins the "free Lula" to sharpen the division in Latin America
  • Brazil.Lula da Silva comes out of jail pulled by her faithful and launches the first darts to Bolsonaro

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Saturday that, in April 2018, he chose to go to jail after being "unjustly convicted" instead of choosing exile, because he wanted to "prove the lie" against him.

"He could have gone to an embassy, ​​to another country, but he needed to prove the lie and that Sergio Moro (now Minister of Justice who convicted him at the time) was not a judge, but a scoundrel," Lula said in front of the headquarters of the Metallurgical union of Sao Bernardo do Campo, one day after being released thanks to a decision of the Supreme.

In the place, the same in which Lula was entrenched in April 2018 and resisted for two days the prison order against him, thousands of people and the entire leadership of the Workers Party (PT) have congregated, as well as leaders from other forces of the national progressive arch and various social movements.

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