According to the draft amendments to the law “On the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the Kaliningrad Region”, considered on Friday, November 8, at the parliament’s meeting, alcohol will not be allowed to be sold from 11:00 to 21:00, as well as on holidays such as International Day child protection, Youth Day, Knowledge Day and All-Russian Day of Sobriety.

According to the regional prosecutor Sergey Khlopushin, who developed the document, approximately every sixth crime in the region is committed intoxicated, the number of minors consuming alcohol is growing, and in the ten months of 2019, more than 2.5 thousand drivers were deprived of their rights for drunk driving .

Earlier, the State Duma explained the importance of the bill on special social institutions (sobering-ups) in view of creating supportive conditions for people who, due to alcoholic intoxication, cannot move, navigate themselves, because of which they can become a victim of criminal assault or freeze.

The corresponding law was adopted by the State Duma on Tuesday, November 5.

The chief psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health, Yevgeny Bryun, in an interview with the NSN, praised this initiative.