Berlin Wall Collapse 30 Years Memorial Event in Germany November 10th 5:34

In Germany, 30 years have passed since the Berlin Wall, which was a symbol of the East-West Cold War, has been commemorated. In a speech, President Steinmeier pointed out that a “new wall” that divides German society was born, and appealed to the citizens to “destroy”.

On the 9th, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, President Steinmeier and Prime Minister Merkel participated in the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate, symbolizing both the division and unification of East and West Berlin.

In this, President Steinmeier said, “There is no longer an inhumane wall that has caused many victims. However, German society has created a“ new wall ”due to anger, hatred, and alienation. "We are the only one" and appealed to overcome the division of German society.

On the special stage, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 “Fate” was played, and the visitors were eagerly listening.

The man who participated in the event said, “There are various problems after the unification of Germany, but we want to overcome it and celebrate the collapse of the wall here in 20 and 25 years.”

In addition to this, events such as dialogue meetings and exhibitions of artworks by citizens of East and West are also held throughout Germany.

Gorbachev "Do not return to the situation at the time"

Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, responded to an interview with Spiegel, a leading German magazine, 30 years after the fall of the wall. It was necessary to decide the fate of the people. What I needed was to eliminate the violence, "said the situation, such as the elimination of the East German people gathered around the wall at that time by force I looked back on things that I considered so as not to become.

Former President Gorbachev said, “There must not be nostalgic for the Cold War era, and we must not return to the situation at that time,” and the crisis in Russia and the West is deepening. I showed a feeling.

On that basis, he said, “It is necessary to continue the dialogue patiently in order to restore trust. To that end, the issue of nuclear disarmament must be addressed.” Appealing the need to extend.

President Trump “Courageous Gender Gathering”

President Trump of the United States issued a statement on the 9th, saying, “Today in 1989, the courageous men and women of both East Germany and West Germany were to break down a wall that had existed for more than a quarter century as a symbol of oppression and failed socialism. I was united. ”

And criticizing, “Long years have passed since the Cold War, but the tyrannical regimes around the world continue to use repressive methods based on Soviet totalitarianism.” He showed a stance to compete with allies.

He then called Germany “one of the most valuable allies” and stressed that it will continue to work together.