A young woman killed and scores of injured (some media talk about 50 injured) left a stampede in a park in Caracas on Saturday where a rap concert was going to take place , Civil Protection authorities and the fire department reported.

The event happened when hundreds of people waited for the doors of the Parque del Este, the iconic green zone of the capital of Venezuela, to open a free concert by Venezuelan rapper Liomar Acosta, known as 'Neutro Shorty'.

The crowd began trying to force entry and "climb the perimeter fences, which yielded, causing the stampede," Miguel Balza, Civil Protection coordinator in the Caracas Metropolitan Area, told AFP.

The deceased girl, who could not be identified , was trapped under the gates "and people passed over him," continued Balza. "I didn't have any documentation ," the official added.

14 of the injured were taken to hospital emergency centers, most of them due to suffocation and polytrauma, a source from the Fire Department of the Capital District told AFP.

Videos broadcast by local media show dozens of young people climbing the trellis to enter the park before the accident occurred. The concert was canceled by the organizers.

More than a year ago, another stampede shocked the people of Caracas. On June 16, 2018, 18 people died after a tear gas bomb exploded in a nightclub in western Caracas, where young people celebrated their high school graduation.

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