• Catalonia.The University Plaza camps accuse the ERC and CUP youth of stealing 40,000 euros
  • Protest. Students camped in Barcelona: "We are not violent, but sometimes they force you"

At four o'clock in the afternoon, in the Arribau Multicines, they kicked out the Korean 'Parasites', by Bong Joon-ho. And at ten past four, one of the premieres of the week, the French 'Little lies to be together' by Guillaume Canet.

At that time, the Tsunami Democràtic, did the last micro test. From the box office of the Arribau, practically attached to the University of Barcelona, ​​it sounded like the call to Islamic prayer. Closer still, in the position of the chestnut, the confusion prevailed. "But who's gone?" Asked a client. "I think the independentistas," replied the brunette. The woman turned her neck towards the University Square, but the independentists seemed to remain there, or at least what looked like a promotional act of Quechua tents. "Well, if something happens, call me," the client asked, and went to Muntaner Street, where the Mossos parked their vans, still with traces of eggs and paint, hangover from the sentence of the process.

In the same corner, sanitary ware covered with a helmet, wait for the action to begin under an onomatopoeic Christmas lighting. On them kisses, "muac, muac, muac", and a premonitory "pim, pam". Under the stage, "fum, fum, fum".

Seven hours earlier, two trucks loaded with scaffolding and light and sound equipment were planted in the middle of the Gran Vía. The scene can be seen on Tsunami Democràtic's Twitter account. An agent of the Urban Guard comes to ask where they were going to download all that. They respond that in the middle of the road. The agent asks to speak with a person in charge, but they tell him in chorus that he is "all the people". "Well," he replies. And he leaves.

The concentration of Tsunami convened for the day of reflection, and appealed unsuccessfully by the PP before the Electoral Board, led to a multicentre of local groups, dotted with slogans and mini rallies, to the point that it seemed that between concert and concert, he spoke The one who passed by. In one of these, the former secretary general of Podemos in Catalonia, Albano Dante Fachín, told Minister Marlaska that he was not afraid that he would not be allowed to do what they were letting him do. And then people shouted in chorus many times: "I'm not afraid."

At the University camp, the anti-system groups did not seem particularly interested in the local groups, and counterprogrammed with heavy metal. And that the thing promised, because 48 minutes after starting the concert someone shouted from the stage: "We will live free or die."

It is not easy to specify how much is left after the desertion of the youth of Arran and ERC, presumably taking the 40,000 euros of the resistance box, which should be used for the purchase of food, condoms, butane gas, toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products , among others. Now a poster said that it took material to make posters. Perhaps because of this, a young man took out a lilac spray and painted on the ground: "Whoever sows rage gathers misery." And then he sat next to him with his hands in his pockets.

The camping structure seemed intact. There was the sink, the girl who teaches you how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the recycling bins, the female commission, the crossed out crowns of King, a sofa with rolling tobacco and bread; and the corner of the book, about twenty, in which a copy of Forbes stood out.

Most of the concert, people dedicated it to look at the mobile. Tsunami Democràtic took out an app and a QR code so that this free and spontaneous movement can more easily tell people what they have to do. The thing did not work well and the Tsunami denounced a state attack on Twitter. Other.

In the background, along Balmes Street, tourist buses go down so people can take pictures. Over there a girl responds in English to Sky News while her mother takes pictures. When he finishes, he asks him to translate it. A young man in the Manchester City shirt drinks beer sitting on the floor. Every thirty seconds he shouts that "the streets will always be ours." A middle-aged group talks about a Christmas ornament that has just been bought, with snowmen and that puts welcome in German.

The lack of public sharpened the competition of five Pakistanis to official merchandising positions , putting the wake of nine euros to only five negotiable. What they did not have were the technical running shirts with Junqueras' face, nor that of the Fairy bottle, as a mockery of the trap that the former government delegate, Enrique Millo, said they put the police 1-0 to that will slip in the schools.

Albert brought a real one to the concert and tied it to a broomstick with some multilingual posters, like "I have a perillosa nuclear weapon" or "The miracle antifacha". "I bring it to each demonstration and then use it at home, but it has little left, one more as much," he says.

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