North Korea, the technique to escape from UN sanctions has become clever November 8, 17:39

A team of lawyers commissioned by an Osaka company that was pointed out to be involved, over the fact that a North American research institution published a report that North Korea escaped UN sanctions and smuggled German luxury cars, Summarizing the results of the survey, we concluded that the company was involved only in part of the transport and was used to escape sanctions. Experts point out that North Korea's method is becoming more sophisticated.

The report published by the American private research institute C4ADS was made in Germany at the second US-North Korea summit held in Vietnam in February. He pointed out that luxury cars were smuggled from the Netherlands via North Korea and other countries, including Japan, in a form that escaped UN sanctions, and involved Mino logistics in Osaka and Nishi Ward.

A team of lawyers requested to investigate Mino Logistics has compiled a report. In this, the company arranged a transportation of the car from Dalian to Osaka via Busan (Busan) at the request of a person who was in China, but details such as where it will eventually be transported It is said that it was not heard.

The report then concludes that the company was used to evade sanctions as “not aware of the possibility of being exported and transported to North Korea”.

At the same time, he points out that the company should check the client and the contents of the cargo more carefully in the future.

In this regard, Katsuhisa Furukawa, a former member of the expert panel of the United Nations Security Council over North Korean sanctions, said, “North Korea ’s sanctions escape network is still functioning. North Korea smuggles important cargo. In some cases, the number of transit countries is increasing or Russia is bitten, and North Korea is adapting to changes in the environment of strengthening sanctions. In addition to this, it is pointed out that there are currently insufficient crackdowns on sanctions by relevant countries such as China and Russia.