MH17 suspect Volodymyr Tsemach is prepared to make a statement before the Ukrainian and Dutch justice authorities, The Moscow Times reported on Friday based on Tsemach's lawyer Anatoli Kucherena.

Tsemach, however, would only like to make a statement on the pro-Russian separatist territory in Eastern Ukraine, says Kucherena. Tsemach currently resides in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

"He has a hard time with what happened to him, but he is still ready to clear his name with both Dutch and Ukrainian researchers," the lawyer said.

Kucherena says that both Ukraine and the Netherlands have not yet responded. Nobody would have approached Tsemach yet to offer "different forms of interrogation".


MH17 suspect: "They offered me Dutch passport and house"

Tsemach released during prisoner exchange between Kiev and Moscow

In June of this year, Tsemach was abducted by the Ukrainian secret service and detained. In September, however, the MH17 suspect was part of a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia.

After the exchange, Tsemach was released in Russia, despite the Dutch request to keep the suspect imprisoned. In a response to, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) says that it immediately made a request for immediate arrest on Tsemach's arrival in Russia.

The OM furthermore says that the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) would like to speak to Tsemach in the Netherlands and says that the request is still being processed. The Dutch judiciary was able to interrogate Tsemach in Ukraine before he was brought to Russia in the context of the prisoner exchange.

Tsemach: 'The Netherlands offered me a passport'

The MH17 suspect said in an interview that after his release it was recorded that Dutch and Australian authorities had offered him a Dutch passport and a house in the Netherlands in exchange for a testimony.

The Dutch OM wants to prosecute four suspects for the plane disaster with device MH17. One of them is Igor Girkin, the head of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. The lawsuit against the four suspects starts in March 2020.

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