Washington (AP) - US President Donald Trump Jr. has posted on Twitter a post on the right-wing news platform "Breitbart News", which names the alleged name of the anonymous whistleblower in the Ukraine affair.

The whistleblower's lawyer warned on Wednesday (local time) in a statement again that such a step could endanger the safety of their client and those of his family.

Speculation about the identity of the whistleblower has been circulating in the media for weeks. Accordingly, it should be an employee of the foreign intelligence service CIA. The publication of the name also shows the desperation with which one tries to distract from the content of the statements of the whistleblower, the lawyers said. "That will not spare the president the need to comment on the substantive allegations that are essentially true," the lawyers said.

US President Donald Trump is accused of encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj in a telephone conversation in late July to investigate his rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The Democrats see this as an attempt by Trump to win the election with the help of a foreign government. Joe Biden is campaigning for the Democrats' candidacy in the presidential election of 2020. Trump denies the allegations. Democrats in the House of Representatives have therefore begun preparations for impeachment.

The US Attorney General William Barr is meanwhile, according to a report of the "Washington Post" refused to relieve the President at a press conference on the Ukraine affair. Trump asked Barr to tell the media that the president had not violated the law, the newspaper said, citing informed sources. Later, Trump reported confidants about the Minister's refusal. But this did not hurt the relationship between the two politicians, it said.