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The Civil Guard has already concluded the open investigation after the cases of listeriosis with a total of 17 tons of affected products seized and eight people investigated, of which six were arrested and two are already in provisional prison without bail.

Magrudis' manager, José Antonio Marín , and his eldest son, Sandro , are the two people who have remained in jail since last September 26, Seville's 10th judge, Pilar Ordonez, ordered his entry for alleged crimes against public health, three homicides due to serious imprudence, two abortions and injuries.

The Civil Guard has reported on the Monocy operation, an investigation that the Seprona has carried out in coordination with Europol and has determined that those responsible for the companies involved knew the presence of listeria in their products since the end of last year.

According to the armed institute, the researchers maintain that at least three of those investigated knew that a lot labeled December 20, 2018 had tested positive for listeria.

812028. That is the number of the first batch of the Mechá roasted meat contaminated with Listeria that the Magrudis company sold. It was labeled on December 20, 2018. Until now it was pointed out that the owners of the company knew the risk in February but the researchers conclude that in December they were aware of the risks to which consumers were exposed.

Those responsible for the company did not inform the competent authorities of this result . In addition, neither the withdrawal of these affected products nor their destruction has been proven, adds the Civil Guard. For the armed institute, this first batch would be the cause of several episodes of intoxication in the province of Huelva.

Six arrested and 17 tons of products affected

The information collected in the records - of family businesses and domiciles - confirmed the suspicions and expanded the investigations with the appearance of new indications. Thus, the number of respondents then increased to eight. In total, 17 tons of products have been intervened that are being incinerated in a cement plant in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).

From the initial analysis of the health alert, it was found that the first outbreak of poisoning occurred on August 5 of this year in the province of Seville, although the first listeria positives were not detected until August 20.

In the course of the investigation, Seprona agents analyzed aspects such as traceability, processing, batch, health record or expiration date and observed that the health alert corresponded to the meat products of the investigated company, Magrudis .

Those responsible for this company hid that they produced and packaged white label products for another company , which sold them as their own.

One of the fundamental aspects of the investigation has been the study carried out by technical personnel of the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Institute of Majadahonda (Madrid), on the strain that generates the outbreak, recalls the Civil Guard.

This report linked the strain found in the facilities investigated with the processed products and the 193 intoxicated people.

Although the activity of the companies investigated focused on Spain, four members of a German family were intoxicated , as was an English citizen who was in France.

Therefore, since these international connections exist, the Civil Guard has counted on the cooperation of Europol in the home registries, as well as in the analysis of communications.

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