• ERE case.The judge prosecutes the brother of former President Borbolla for irregular aid to his companies
  • Courts. Once again the judge of the 'ERE case' denounced for "paralyzing" the corruption cases of the PSOE

The new ERE judge, José Ignacio Vilaplana , who is replacing the low magistrate María Núñez Bolaños , has concluded in the last month the investigation of five pieces detached from the macrocause of corruption of the irregular ERE financed by the Junta de Andalucía .

The head of the Court of Instruction 6 of Seville, María Núñez Bolaños, has been on leave for more than two months and is being inspected by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) after the devastating complaint filed last summer by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office against the magistrate for «paralyzing» the investigation into three causes of corruption that affect the previous Andalusian governments of the PSOE, among them that of the ERE.

In the Anti-Corruption complaint against Núñez it is highlighted that, of the 182 previous proceedings initiated since 2016 on the different aid of the ERE, the judge has issued five continuation orders for the procedures of the abbreviated procedure (they represent 2.7% of the total), 48 files (26.4%, in 9 cases by prescription) and 129 are in process or have been accumulated to other procedures (70.8%).

Of the 129 that were pending and in the absence of Núñez, Judge Vilaplana has closed in the last month the investigation of five different pieces of the ERE and issued the corresponding continuation orders for the procedures of the abbreviated procedure.

The last two pieces of the ERE that the reinforcement judge has concluded are those referred to Countertop Manufacturers for Europe , which received a grant from the reptile fund worth 50,000 euros, and Tartessos Car , which pocketed another 300,000 euros. Through two cars dated November 4, Vilaplana agrees to continue as open procedures the open cases against former Director General of Labor and Social Security of the Board Daniel Alberto Rivera and the administrator of Countertops Manufacturers for Europe, on the one hand, and against the legal representative and administrator of Tartessos Car, on the other hand.

The judge affirms that the facts denounced could be constitutive of crimes of administrative prevarication and embezzlement of public flows, so he moves the case to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and the accusations filed to request the opening of an oral trial, making a statement of indictment, requesting the dismissal of the case or, exceptionally, the practice of complementary procedures necessary to formulate the accusation.

Weeks ago, Judge Vilaplana closed the piece of the ERE in which Angel Rodríguez de la Borbolla , a former socialist mayor of Cazalla de la Sierra and brother of the former president of the Board José Rodríguez de la Borbolla, for embezzlement of flows public and prevarication by the irregular aid of the Board to the companies -Corks and Corks of Andalusia (Cortansa), Corks of Cazalla, Services and Maintenance of Cazalla, Enoworld and Corks Higuera- to which it was linked. They received 8.4 million euros .

The other two pieces concluded by Vilaplana are those referring to the 120,000 euros aid received in 2009 by Picos Yeye and Cohollero under budget item 31L and another for the funds injected to Cespa and Building and Contract Promotion (FCC) between 2006 and 2007 "in order to solve the labor conflict that they had been maintaining with the workers of the public cleaning sector of the province of Granada".

Two former senior officials, excluded

Judge Vilaplana has excluded the former senior officials of the Board of Agustín Barberá , former Deputy Minister of Employment, and Juan Márquez , former Director General of Labor and Social Security, from the last two pieces that have concluded the investigation.

The reason for not demanding criminal liability to these two former senior officials is that both were already indicted for these facts in the main piece of the ERE, which also include and were tried the former presidents of the Board Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán .

Juan Márquez granted the two grants amounting to 350,000 euros investigated in the last two pieces of the EREs concluded by the investigating judge. He granted exceptional socio-labor assistance of 50,000 euros to the company Manufacturers of Countertops for Europe "to guarantee the permanence of its workers as a matter of urgency".

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