Bonn (dpa) - Deutsche Telekom has again benefited from good business in the US and acquisitions. In the period July to September, sales increased in comparison to the same period last year by 4.8 percent to 20 billion euros, as the company announced on Thursday.

The company's quarterly revenues have never been so high. Consolidated net income climbed unexpectedly strongly to 1.4 billion euros during the period; adjusted for special items, this was an increase of 7.5 percent. Telecom boss Tim Höttges was very satisfied - the company was "full of steam," he explained.

The globally positioned group also sees itself on course in Germany, where Telekom is investing a great deal of money in the expansion of mobile telephony and the fixed network. The number of households with fast Internet connections increased according to the information within a year by 20 per cent to nearly 14 million.

However, the ex-state monopolist already rates the download speed of up to 100 Mbit per second as "fast" - telephone lines have been upgraded technically using the vectoring procedure. The competitor Vodafone, however, uses mainly television cable and comes to more speed.

The data flatrate of Telekom is in high demand - with "StreamOn" customers can stream music, videos or games on certain apps without this being credited to their monthly data quota. At the end of September, StreamOn had 2.8 million customers, some 80 percent more than a year earlier.

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