The comments from the trade unions were not long after the Karolinska University Hospital expired with its notice. Of the 600 affected, 350 are nurses and support staff in the municipal contract area.

- The nurses are the foundation for nursing in the health care sector. There is no room to streamline operations anymore. Now it is about pure cuts in the welfare of the Stockholmers, says Catharina Häggbom in the press release.

"Not ready with last warning"

Vision is one of the trade unions on the official side of Karolinska. Even their section chair feels anxious about the new alert as they are still working on the previous alert from last spring.

- We are not ready with the previous warning. I support the other colleagues unions and on the floor. We are still waiting to be notified of which of our members will be notified. I think of my colleagues and want to give them support and energy for a long and hard journey, says Pernilla Helmersson.