The greenhouse that is located on Campus Oxelösund is an activity for young people and adults who have applied there via the municipality or the Employment Service. There they learn, among other things, practical work in order to be able to take the step out into working life.

During the day, the business was visited by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) and Labor Minister Eva Nordmark (S).

- I am here to look at the very good results that you have here in the Drivhuset, not least to get new arrivals quickly to work, says Stefan Löfven.

A rewarding visit to Oxelösund

From the visit to Oxelösund, the Prime Minister brings with him some things.

- Everything is based on duty and right, and that is how Sweden is built. As an individual, I have a duty to make myself employable, to go to education and so on. But also that there is a strong community that makes sure I can do it, that I get this education that I need. That, in practical handling here, I think has been very educational and stimulating.