Paris (AFP)

François Ruffin, LFI relative deputy of the Somme, said Wednesday he did not think his happiness was "at the Elysee", while not completely exclude to be a candidate for the presidential election, for which the left will have to have a unique candidate.

"Personally I do not think my happiness is at the Elysee, my happiness is not there," he said on France Inter, questioned about a possible presidential ambition. "The power isolates a lot," said the MP.

He does not want to be President of the Republic? "We'll see what happens," said Francois Ruffin after a moment's hesitation.

"We must gather," he added, echoing his call for a "green popular front" "red and green", reiterated in his book published Wednesday, "Where is happiness?" (Editions The Links that release).

While positing the need for "multiple incarnations" within this front, Mr. Ruffin nevertheless wished "a single candidate" for the left in 2022.

"You need a petition that says + stop bullshit," he said. Asked if this petition was addressed to the leader of LFI Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the strong man of EELV Yannick Jadot, François Ruffin replied: "Then to me, we will not exclude ourselves lot of small businesses, individual ambitions, it is necessary to make self-criticism.

The one who defines himself as "deputy reporter" had said, in a previous book, "dream of a president reporter", again while ensuring want to resist the appeal of the presidential "perverting everything".

"To consume less, to divide better: the green and the red, the ecological and the social", such is the slogan hammered by the deputy in his last work.

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