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The Malian army is in great difficulty with the jihadist push, but it will soon receive reinforcements. This is the announcement of the Minister of the French Armies, Florence Parly, returning from the region. Reinforcements composed of European special troops.

With our correspondent in Brussels, Pierre Benazet

For now, the preparations for the operation dubbed "Tacouba" are rather in the discretion. Negotiations do not take place at European level, but directly between capitals because it will not be an EU mission, nor is Operation Barkhane.

In addition to Estonian soldiers and British helicopters, Barkhane is in fact an international operation with German or American logistical support, for example, an upcoming arrival of Danish soldiers and in which the involvement of Spain is mentioned. An international operation therefore, but under French command.

Direct and discreet negotiations

And this upcoming Tacouba operation will take a similar form, hence the direct negotiations between the Ministry of Defense and the staffs. The discretion is quite complete because the list of countries approached has not been made public, although some unofficially believe that besides the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and the Scandinavian countries have the type of elite unit of special forces that could be deployed in the Sahel.

Since Operation Tacouba now has a baptismal name, it is in any case that the preparations are well advanced, which opens the door to a formal discussion on the subject at the next meeting of the European Defense Ministers, the November 12th.

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