Paris (AFP)

The associate member of the LFI of the Somme François Ruffin calls to form a "Green Popular Front" "green and red" advocating "consume less and better distribute" to overcome the "camisole of growth" in a book to be released Wednesday.

In "It's where, happiness" (The Links that liberate), François Ruffin recounts his meetings with young climate activists, before explaining his call for an "Ecological Popular Front" formulated in Toulouse in August during a meeting with the strongmen of EELV, Yannick Jadot and David Cormand.

Ecology "does not escape" from a law of the history of the left, according to him: "When do we carry it? When the popular classes join the + petty cultural bourgeoisie +, the + educated +, the + intellectual class + ".

"I launch this bet: that instead of dividing the ecology we unite, that it brings together red and green, that it combines popular and educated classes, that it breaks the soft indifference," says François Ruffin.

He pleads the union of leftist groups, while oppositions were exacerbated in recent days, a possible duel in the presidential election of 2022 between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen: "We will have to moan loudly, with our friends, + Unity! Unity! +, tan parties, garland leaders, silence quarrels, gather chapels ".

According to him, it is a question of "taking over the wheel of the hands" of the "darkening elites", who "lead us straight to the abyss" by brandishing the "dead language" and the "camisole" of the growth. "Who is 5G dreaming?" Asks François Ruffin to brag about the consumer society.

"Consume less, spread better: green and red, ecological and social," writes the MP.

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