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"No team won the UEFA Champions League in November," said Paris coach Thomas Tuchel on Tuesday before claiming the eighth-place qualifier against Club Brugge at 9 pm on Wednesday. "stay modest" despite the flawless success so far in C1.

Main points of press conferences of PSG and Club Bruges:

. The ideal season for the PSG in C1?

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach): "It's November, whether it's Real Madrid or anything else, no team won the Champions League in November or December, that's why we have to keep down to earth, stay modest, and not think too much about winning, for us, the challenge is to finish first in the group. "

Philippe Clement (Club Brugge coach): "At the moment PSG are in the top 3 of Europe, but to win the LDC, you have to be in April and May, but this year they can go far I put them above Real, it's a much more united team. "

. Draw the "lesson" of Dijon

Thomas Tuchel: "Impossible to find a person on the bus or on the plane who was not disappointed (after the 2-1 defeat in Dijon, Ed.) We lose the match against the last of the table. We are a competitive team but we are obviously a team that can lose against Dijon We know we let things happen like that It was necessary to take two days (of rest) to speak with the players in a critical way, to improve oneself, to learn (...) We took a lesson in Dijon If we play with too much confidence, the idea that nothing can happen, all things can happen. "

Idrissa Gueye (PSG midfielder): "I do not really have any explanations, we are expected, everyone would like to win against PSG It was a non-match and we hope it will be the last time Do not take the matches easily and stay focused until the end. "

. Tuchel loses "a lot of sleep"

Thomas Tuchel: "You can not break your head and lose sleep only for a goal, I do not sleep when I do not have the solution for the next match, or sometimes the night after a match. this competition, everyone is able to win, but it's also a question of luck and timing. "

. "Do not focus on Mbappé"

Philippe Clement (Club Brugge coach): "We have a plan for all players (not only for Kylian Mbappé), as always we have a plan, we will see tomorrow, we know that it is a team with individualities that are We can not focus on him, the other players are also dangerous, if we were afraid of PSG, we could have stayed at home, we will do what we can to the maximum, with our qualities. . "

Thomas Tuchel: "If we look at the result (of the first leg against Bruges, 5-0, with a hat-trick of Mbappé), it was really extraordinary, but we had difficulties for a few minutes. We did a meeting, a tactical training today (Tuesday) to be prepared for all situations, we have the opportunity to win, again, and the consequence will be that we will be qualified. "

. Di Maria, a "sensitive" and "decisive" player

Thomas Tuchel: "I know a lot of players who are sensitive, there are players who do not need a very close coach, because they play with a lot of confidence, almost all alone." Angel must have a close relationship, honest in which he can really feel the confidence and after he is able to do decisive things for us. "

Idrissa Gueye: "He is a lodger in the locker room, he is an excellent player on the pitch, who never goes back when he has the ball on his feet, he is a very important player for the team, we hope that 'he will keep fit.'

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