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After the attacks in the localities of Boulikessi, Mondoro, and more recently in Indelimane, the Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, for the first time, appeared on television.

The tone is solemn, the speech is direct. " The attack on Indelimane , Boulikessi, Mondoro and all those who preceded them shows the seriousness of the situation in Mali. We are at war, "said Ibrahim Boubacar Keita Monday night.

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Offensive posture

After many losses in human life, the Malian president calls for the sacred union around the national army: " In these particularly serious circumstances where the stability and the existence of our country are at stake, our only answer must be national union, the sacred union around our national army , "he urged.

"Message to the Nation of the President of the Republic following the terrorist attacks" .https: //

Presidence Mali (@PresidenceMali) November 5, 2019

He reveals in the same speech that he recently chaired a meeting in the presence of all the military leaders. His message: change strategy on the ground facing the enemy. " I have been learning some strong measures, including the development of a new operational concept that is an important part of the offensive at the level of operational command shift in the field and improving the engagement conditions of our operations. men, "he explained.

A " world war "

For President IBK, the war against terrorism is not only a matter of Mali: " This war is not a war just against Mali or the Sahel, it is global. In this global order of insecurity, the pooling of efforts and forces is crucial, "he said.

Thought for the Malian soldiers dead at the front, thought also for foreign soldiers, including French , dead for Mali, added the President of the Republic in his address to the nation.

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