In the public school of Corsept, the parents of students mobilize against a teacher of CE2 with controversial methods. They denounce humiliating punishments that traumatized their children. Despite a report to the Academy of Nantes, the teacher is still in place. 12 out of 24 children no longer follow the teachings of the school teacher.


Crying, nightmares, bedwetting ... A dozen children from the public school Camille Corot of Corsept in Loire-Atlantique are traumatized by their teacher of CE2, with apparently brutal teaching methods. Since the beginning of September, discomfort is noticeable. Initially, 16 out of 24 children were removed from school for three days by their parents to denounce the psychological violence that would be guilty of this teacher and ask for his removal. On Monday and Tuesday, parents conducted a lock opera for a few hours to be heard.

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12 out of 24 children no longer attend classes

Eight children did not return to school, four left school permanently. Aurélie is the mother of Méline, eight years old. Very good student, she is literally terrorized by her teacher. "The doctor diagnosed an anxio-major phobia, a real fear of going to school," says this parent of a student. "She has the impression of having the master always on the back, he is always present in his head." After three weeks, Meline was removed urgently and permanently from the class of CE2.

A total of 12 out of 24 children no longer follow the teachings of the teacher, suspected of psychological abuse. Emilie, mother of two students, tells the nightmare of her children. "There were bed pee, crying, anxiety and nightmares." She mentions "humiliating punishments". "No longer have the right to work of the day, no longer have the right to go to the toilet, do not drink".

"My son is hiding in the toilet to cry"

"They do not have the right to make mistakes, they do not have the right not to know when they do not know, they are humiliations, children who cry sometimes for more than fifteen minutes, to have stomach pain to go to school, vomiting it is no longer possible, "says Emilie. "My son is hiding in the bathroom to cry, it's very difficult."

In the past, this teacher has already been the subject of complaints and reports. But his career has never been questioned. The parents of Camille Corot school students contacted the Academy of Nantes. She asked them to show appeasement, with respect to the teacher.