US Embassy Occupation 40 Years Large Anti-American Meeting in Iran 4 November 20:34

Forty years have passed since the occupation of the US Embassy, ​​which triggered the severing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran. A large anti-American rally was held in Iran's capital, Tehran, and participants were subject to severe economic sanctions against Iran. I strongly accused the Trump administration.

In Iran in 1979, the pro-American monarchy was overthrown and an anti-American Islamic system was established. In November of this year, a group of students occupied the US Embassy in the capital Tehran and hosted diplomats for over 400 days. In the meantime, the two countries became an opportunity to cut off diplomatic relations.

In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the incident on the 4th, an anti-American rally was held in front of the former American embassy, ​​and conservative hard-lined young people and government officials participated.

Those who gathered repeatedly accused the Trump administration of continuing a strong policy against Iran, such as “Death in the United States” and repeated a supreme call, and last year severed economic sanctions by leaving the nuclear agreement.

A 30-year-old man who participated said, “Trump is evil. It is bullying the world. It has long been proven that the United States cannot be trusted.”

As the US imposes strict sanctions, Iran is saying that the economy is deteriorating and citizens should talk to improve relations.

However, Mr. Hamenei, the supreme leader who is supported by conservative hardists, reemphasized the refusal to negotiate with the United States on the 3rd, and the two countries continue to face a fierce conflict.

About the US Embassy occupation case

In Iran, anti-American Islamic regimes were established in 1979, when the Parlebi monarchy, which was the parent of the United States, was overthrown by popular demonstrations.

Citizens detained King Parlevi and asked for a trial, but because the United States accepted the king's exile, on November 4th of this year, hundreds of mobified students became American embassies. And detained more than 50 diplomats.

Students took the diplomat hostage for 444 days from the death of King Parlevi and the situation was resolved, and had a decisive influence on the relationship between the two countries.

Following this incident, the United States and Iran ceased diplomatic relations the following year, and hostile relations continue to this day.

In 2013, Argo, a film based on this incident, won three awards, including the largest festival in the American film industry and the Academy Award for Film Awards.

Voices to improve the Iranian economic hardships

While the Iranian economy is in a difficult situation due to American sanctions, there are voices that citizens should seek to improve relations with the United States.

In May last year, the American Trump administration strengthened economic sanctions after unilaterally leaving the nuclear agreement. As a result, embargoes on crude oil, which accounts for about 30% of the Iranian government's revenues, were banned and Iranian banks were cut off from the international remittance network.

For this reason, the IMF = International Monetary Fund expects the economic growth rate of Iran to fall to minus 9.5%.

For this reason, in the capital Tehran, many people wanted to talk with the United States, and among them, a 24-year-old construction worker man said, “The construction work has been reduced and the income has been reduced. I think it should be negotiated with the United States and there is no other way. "

In addition, a 40-year-old doctor said, “The relationship with the superpower of the United States is not good as it is. The building of a relationship should not be a surrender,” and asked for an improved relationship with the United States. It was.

Vice President of Iran “US Revises the Enemy Policy”

As Iran's Vice President Ebtecar interviewed the 40 years since the occupation of the US embassy that triggered the disconnection between the United States and Iran, he stressed that the students at that time had legitimate motives. After that, he called on the Trump administration to reinforce the pressure on hostility.

Vice President Ebtecar of Iran joined the US Embassy occupation case in November 1979 as a member of a student group, and made use of fluent English every day as a spokesperson to send student claims to the world. did.

In line with the 40 years since the incident, Vice President Ebtecar responded to NHK ’s interview. “At that time, all the students who participated were very young and had never experienced before, so they were worried. However, there was a belief in their actions. The students wanted to ensure Iran's self-reliance, ”said the students to protect Iran from foreign interference. Emphasized that there was a legitimate motive.

And last year, the Trump administration unilaterally withdraws from the nuclear agreement and strengthens the pressure: “Sanctions, pressures and threats against Iran are useless. The US should change its policy. I hope to live in peace, ”he called for a change in the hostility policy towards Iran.