• Pg Cassation: the association between Buzzi and Carminati is mafia
  • "Middle world", 41 bis revoked by Massimo Carminati
  • Mondo di Mezzo, final sentence: nine go to prison


November 04, 2019A petition to ask for release was presented this morning by the defenders of Salvatore Buzzi, the Ras of the cooperatives sentenced in second instance in the proceeding 'Mondo di mezzo' at 18 years and 4 months. In the alternative, the defendants asked for house arrest. With regard to Buzzi, the Cassation brought down the charge of a mafia-type association and ordered the Rome Court of Appeal to re-determine its sentence.

Pignatone: there is proof, mafias and corruption condition Rome
"Rome is not a mafia city, but it is a city in which several mafia associations operate". The former Rome chief prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone, reiterates this in a press conference, which for the first time speaks after the Cassation sentence on the "Mondo di mezzo" investigation.

The magistrate stressed that "Rome is not a mafia city because, unlike Palermo, Reggio Calabria and, in a different way, Naples, it does not see the hegemonic presence of one of the traditional mafias but there are, as the sentences of many affirm judges and the Cassation itself, various mafia-type criminal associations and numerous groups of subjects that operate with the mafia method ".

"Some of these criminal associations - explains Pignatone - are formed by Sicilians, Calabrians, Campania. Others, instead, by Romans, by subjects coming from other regions or by foreigners, but they are not, in their ambits, less formidable than the traditional ones ". Then the former prosecutor stated: £ For criminal law it makes no sense to affirm, as was instead done in recent years to criticize our work, that there is no mafia if there are no murders, attacks, use of bombs and gusts of kalashnikov ".

Legal Buzzi: Pignatone admits the error, all the judgments are respected
"I believe that a mafia expert like Giuseppe Pignatone should do a reflection with himself to ask himself if he has understood the boundaries of 416 bis". Thus the lawyer Alessandro Diddi, defender of Salvatore Buzzi, comments on the intervention on 'La Stampa' of the ex-Prosecutor of Rome. "It amazes me, I would never have expected it from a man who has guided the Rome Public Prosecutor's office for so many years, in front of this sentence he would have had to admit the mistake as some of his colleagues did," adds Diddi. "After the sentence of the Court of Appeal I was rebuked and they told me that the sentences are respected, I do not understand why this sentence should not be respected. My clients have acted as guinea pig in judicial experiments - the lawyer concludes - and it should be avoided that others citizens suffer the same from wrong legal interpretations ".