“Russia, like other countries, is looking for ways to adapt to the new economic reality. On the digital world map, Russia is in seventh place in terms of people's involvement in the digital economy, and in terms of smartphone users we are in fifth place - that is, in fact, we have fifth place in terms of the use of various gadgets by people, ”TASS quotes his speech at the Business Investment Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In addition, according to the Prime Minister, the cost of unlimited Internet in Russia is nine times lower than in Japan, and 14 times cheaper than in the United States.

“We are actively developing our communications infrastructure - over 85% of the population of our country takes advantage of the opportunities associated with mobile Internet, and approximately 70% of adult Russians do this every day,” Medvedev said.

At the end of October, the Russian prime minister instructed to equalize the competition conditions for Russian and foreign Internet companies.