China announces new preferential treatment before Taiwan presidential election November 4, 16:51

The Chinese government has announced a new preferential treatment that allows Taiwanese people to receive the same treatment as mainland Chinese people for corporate activities. There seems to be an aim to shake up the 蔡英文 government not accepting the principle of “one China” in front of Taiwan's presidential election next January.

On the 4th, the Chinese government announced 26 incentives for Taiwanese companies and individuals to receive the same treatment as those in mainland China.

According to this, it will be possible for Taiwanese companies to enter the research and development of the next generation communication standard “5G” and the development of the communication network, and to invest in the airline business such as transportation of tourists and cargo. That is.

In addition, Taiwanese individuals can be asked to assist local Chinese embassies when they have trouble overseas, and visits and training for the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022 To cooperate in accepting.

China is likely to have a swaying influence over the Chinese government, which will attract public opinion over China and not accept the “one China” principle, before the election of Taiwan in January of next year.

Regarding this, the Continental Committee in charge of China's policy against China repelled, "It is clear that China intends to intervene in the general election ahead of next year, as it pulls Taiwan and divides Taiwan inside," We are strengthening vigilance.