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An emergency doctor wearing a yellow vest during a demonstration on September 26, 2019 in Paris (photo illustration). Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP

The fourth "Assembly of Assemblies" of "yellow vests" ended Sunday, November 3. It was organized in a disused museum in Montpellier since November 1st. Two hundred local delegations of the movement were present, in particular to evoke the follow-up to be given to their movement.

Among the many votes, the plenary assembly of this fourth "Assembly of Assemblies" of the "yellow vests" decided that the movement would join the general strike of December 5 against the pension reform, confirmed to RFI Christophe Chapuis, referent media of the event.

The 600 "yellow vests", representing 200 roundabout delegations, also decided that the next meeting would probably be held in Toulouse, at a date still undetermined. The movement is approaching its first anniversary, the mobilization having started on November 17, 2018.

The "Assembly of Assemblies" also decided on several questions, tells us Christophe Chapuis. " There have been seven thematic lines of work, plus four others that have been added along the way, so it's extremely rich ", with participants " Who worked hard every day for several hours ".

At the microphone of François Willmann, Christophe Chapuis, media referent of the event, gives us the main points to remember from these three days.

So at the end of the plenary session, there was nevertheless a plebiscite on some issues: support for the people who are currently revolting in the face of injustices, because we see that the world of "yellow vests" n is not the only one in the world. We also had, of course, massive support for the mobilization of November 17, that we could have expected. And finally, we had a really massive support, too, for the December 5th general strike. That is to say, the "yellow vests" will most probably be part of processions and help as they can for this general strike of December 5

Christophe Chapuis, media representative of the event, takes stock of the "Assembly of Assemblies" yellow jackets 04/11/2019 - by RFI Play