Paris (AFP)

Five million fans of the oval ball watched the final of the Rugby World Cup Saturday morning on TF1, according to Médiamétrie data released Sunday.

TF1, the sole broadcaster of the competition in France, garnered a 56.8% share of the audience (pda) during this meeting, which was broadcast from Yokohama in Japan and saw South Africa win 'England.

The final rounded off a subdued World Cup for the broadcaster, with a peak of 6.7 million viewers in October for the elimination of the XV of France in quarter-final against Wales. After this elimination of the national team, on October 20th, the continuation of the competition met with less success with the public.

The other games played by the Blues had garnered ups and downs: 4 million against Argentina, 2.7 against the United States, and 5.2 million against Tonga. The long-awaited blow to England on October 12 had not occurred because of a typhoon.

As the group acknowledged at the announcement of its quarterly results on Wednesday, the cancellation of this match and two other matches, a first at a rugby world cup, weighed on its advertising revenue, and his competitive losses should therefore be higher than he expected at the beginning of the year.

The TF1 group, which shared the broadcast of the 2015 Rugby World Cup with Canal +, was this time the only broadcaster of the competition in France. For the first time, he broadcasted the entire event live and in clear, on its TF1 and TMC channels, as well as on its digital platform MYTF1.

In comparison, during the World Cup 2011, organized in New Zealand, TF1 had gathered an average of 8.9 million viewers for the games of the Blues, with a peak of 18.7 million during the final between the France at All Blacks.

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