The presidential campaign in the United States will see a dramatic acceleration with the Democratic polls early next year to choose who will challenge President Donald Trump in November 2020.

The following are the main stops in this campaign just a year before the presidential ballot:

On November 20, 2019, a fifth debate will be held among the 10 Democratic candidates whose polls and donations indicate their lead out of the 20 candidates currently competing, a record.

A sixth debate is scheduled for December 19 and six debates for party elections in 2020.

On February 3, 2020, the Iowa "Electoral Councils" meet, and this small rural state has a disproportionate weight in the US election because it is the first state to vote in the primary. "Electoral councils" are primitive votes in which voters express Their opinions are sometimes standing, and they gather in blocks to support their candidates.

• From February 11 to 29, three Democratic states hold Democratic Party elections and are closely monitored because they are organized after the Iowa ballot and can push or disappoint a candidate. The three states are New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

• On March 3, a series of primary elections will be held on this crucial day called "Big Tuesday," which could be a crucial stop for the Democratic nominee.

Voting takes place in 15 states, including the two most populous states, California and Texas, as well as in one of the overseas territories.

• Until June, other states and territories organize their primary elections.

July 13-16 The Democratic convention is held, a year after an intense campaign among a record number of candidates of unprecedented diversity, and the Democratic Party chooses its candidate for the presidential election.

• From August 24 to 27, the Republican convention is held, and outgoing President Donald Trump, who is officially supported by the party and is very popular from his base, is supposed to be nominated for a second term unless he is removed, which seems unlikely at the moment.

• On September 29, the first presidential debate will take place, with Republican and Democratic candidates facing off on a television channel for the first time, before two further debates on October 15 and 22.

• On 7 October, a debate will be held between the candidates for the post of Vice President.

• On November 3, millions of American voters go to the polls to elect a president.