Over the past three decades, overweight and obesity in the UAE has increased by as much as three times, according to Dubai Municipality, stressing that the UAE in particular and the world in general is witnessing a continuous increase in eating meals outside the home, which exposes individuals to consume more calories With increasing serving sizes and calorie content in meals, weight gain and obesity are high, especially with unhealthy food choices.

An adult needs 2,000 calories a day.

In its recently launched Calorie Initiative, the municipality said its calorie information methodology has been accepted worldwide as a policy to reduce calorie consumption and reduce obesity-related diseases. Consumer, enhance awareness of caloric content in takeaway.

She added that she launched the initiative in food processing and selling facilities in Dubai, allowing people to make informed food choices and to help fight obesity.``This encourages restaurants to highlight low-calorie food options and introduce new healthy food options, '' she said.

The calorie statement contributes to changing the consumer food environment, enhancing awareness of takeaway content.