South Korea asks the US for cooperation in improving Japan-Korea relations 8:15 on November 3


Senior government officials from the United States and South Korea met in Thailand to visit and confirmed that the United States confirmed the importance of the cooperation of the three countries, including Japan. It was revealed that

Assistant Secretary Stillwell, who is responsible for East Asian diplomacy at the US State Department, and Deputy Secretary Yoon Seung-gook, Korea ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the ASEAN = Southeast Asian Union and the United States and Japan in a series of meetings. I had a meeting in Thailand.

According to the US State Department, the two sides confirmed the importance of close cooperation over North Korea's denuclearization negotiations and the cooperation of the three countries, including Japan.

In addition, according to the Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Secretary Yoon explained Korea's efforts to find a reasonable solution to Japan-Korea relations that are deteriorating, and cooperated to play a possible role in improving the relations in the United States. It is that I asked for.

With the expiration of the military information comprehensive protection agreement = “GSOMIA” between Japan and South Korea on the 23rd of this month, the US government has revealed its position to urge Korea to review its decision to destroy it.

It is not clear whether this issue was discussed at this meeting, but Assistant Secretary Stillwell is scheduled to visit Korea on the 5th and expects to continue "GSOMIA" through a meeting with the Korean side. .