The Dresden City Council in the Saxon capital called the "Nazinotstand". "We note with concern that anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, anti-human and extreme right-wing attitudes and acts, including violence, are becoming more and more apparent," the decision passed by majority vote said. In public, counter-votes to the shift to the right are too little visible.

The motion was approved by a majority of 39 votes from the SPD, the Left, the Greens, the FDP and the non-attached city councils, the MDR reported. 29 city councils voted against it. Even if the application is symbolic, concrete guidelines are now to be drawn up on how victims of right-wing violence can receive help or how social coexistence can be strengthened.

The debate was initiated by the PARTY city councilman Max Aschenbach. "This city has a problem with Nazis," he said in his speech, on whose initiative the "Nazinotstand" goes back. Aschenbach referred among other things to the Pegida movement and racially motivated attacks.