Berlin (dpa) - The proposal for a code of conduct for distress rescuers of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer encounters resistance in the organization Sea Eye. "We see no misconduct with us," said Sea Eye spokesman Gorden Isler the German Press Agency.

Already there is the international maritime law or the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. "These are our codes." Germany, France, Italy and Malta had agreed in September on an interim solution for the distribution of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean.

This was to prevent people from being stuck on rescue ships for weeks before being allowed to dock. The rescue ship "Ocean Viking" had last but twelve days wait until it was allowed to enter an Italian port. The German rescue ship "Alan Kurdi" with dozens of migrants on board has been waiting since Saturday for a safe haven.

At the beginning of the week, Seehofer opted for a code of conduct. "Maybe it will also happen that politicians and NGOs without paragraphs with reasonable agreements to solve a pressing problem of our time well," said the CSU politician. He did not name details, but emphasized: "NGOs play an important role when it comes to acute sea rescue. But I think the Code of Conduct also means that they do not indirectly do the business of smugglers. "

Isler now emphasized that his aid organization was of course ready to talk to the Ministry of the Interior. Then you will find, however, that it does not need new papers. An agreement, for example, according to which the rescue ships only spend a certain amount of time in front of the Libyan coast, is unimaginable.

Gorden Isler on Twitter