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A human tide spread Friday in the streets of Algiers to demand a "new independence", 65 years to the day after the start of the armed struggle against the French colonizer.

This 37th consecutive Friday of demonstrations in Algeria, the mobilization is similar to that observed at the height of the " Hirak ", the unprecedented protest movement of the regime that Algeria has been playing since 22 February.

It was expected a significant mobilization since Thursday evening, thousands of people had marched in the city center and, indeed, they are hundreds of thousands Saturday afternoon in Algiers.

Algerians came with their families, there are many children and women this week. Most of the protesters wrapped a flag around their shoulders and some even picked up the flags set in the streets by authorities - as November 1 is a national holiday - to protest with.

Protesters took the state-installed flags along the roads. #alger

Leïla Beratto (@LeilaBeratto) November 1, 2019

Protesters chanted " independence ", demanded the departure of the authorities, the departure of the chief of staff . The claims of civil status, the departure of the mafia were still very present. The news of the presidential election is not forgotten because the crowd sang that it would not go to vote.

Virulent messages also to Acting President Abdelkader Bensalah. He said last week in audience against Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, that only a few elements continued to demonstrate. This interview as a whole, but also this sentence in particular, obviously, did not pass with the Algerian opinion.

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