The Supreme Committee for Elections of the Sharjah Consultative Council announced on Thursday the names of the final list of candidates to run in the election race, which included 189 candidates, including 41 women, from the various electoral districts distributed in the Emirate of Sharjah.

The Supreme Committee, chaired by the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Mansour Mohammed bin Nassar, in the presence of its members, approved the names of all the candidates on the preliminary list, which did not record any objections during the period of filing appeals until its closure, which lasted from 28 to 29 October.

Each candidate for the Sharjah Advisory Council 2019 received a special number that he can use in his propaganda campaign and inform voters.

Counselor Dr. Mansour bin Nassar said that the final list of candidates has been approved according to the timetable and no objections have been registered.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Elections of the Advisory Council called on all candidates approved in the final list to adhere to the controls and instructions for propaganda campaigns and to avoid excitement or stoke tribalism and to take into account the competences of the Advisory Council and its powers in the presentation of electoral axes, and rely on the candidate's curriculum vitae and achievements.

Bin Nassar stressed that there is no restriction on the election campaigns and the candidate was allowed to practice his campaign within the framework of the electoral campaign controls that were determined in accordance with societal values, public taste and respect for religions.

Supported data

There are 69 candidates from Sharjah, 13 from Al Dhaid, 9 from Maliha, 6 from Al Bataha, 36 from Khorfakkan, 21 from Kalba, 12 from Madam and 17 from Al Madha. From Dibba Al Hisn, 6 candidates from Al Hamriya.

The final list of accreditation shows that Sharjah city women registered the highest number of candidates for the Consultative Council elections with 18 women, 7 from Kalba, 6 Khorfakkan, 6 Dibba Al Hisn, two Hamriyah women, and one woman for both Bataeh and Madam.

With regard to the age group, 47 candidates under the age of 40 were accredited, including 13 from Sharjah, 5 from Kalba, 2 from Al Dhaid, 4 from Al Madam, 6 from Maliha, 10 Khorfakkan, 4 Dibba Al Hisn, 1 from Al Bataeh and 2 from Al Hamriya.

The number of candidates aged 40-60 reached 132 candidates, 54 from Sharjah, 24 from Khorfakkan, 15 from Kalba, 11 from Dibba Al Hisn, 4 from Hamriyah, 3 from Maliha, 8 from Dhaid, 5 from Al Bataah and 8 from Al Madam.

The final list included 10 candidates over the age of 60 from Sharjah, two, Al Dhaid, three from Khorfakkan, one from Kalba and two from Dibba Al Hisn.

Election Campaigns

According to the timetable for the elections of the Advisory Council of the Emirate of Sharjah starting from next Sunday, the date of 3 to 18 November, the campaigns for the candidates and the withdrawal period from Thursday, 31 October to 7 November is the deadline for the withdrawal of candidates and the submission of the names of their agents.

Campaigns include the campaign's advertising campaign plan, requesting a license for an electoral headquarters (if any) and the candidate's agent (if any), an account statement on the donations received by the candidate (if any), in addition to the billboard and granting the prior approvals of the candidates on their electoral programs and campaigns in order to achieve national goals. Each candidate shall have the right to express himself and engage in any activity aimed at convincing the electorate of his choice and publicizing his electoral program in full freedom, provided that he adheres to the rules of the electoral campaign and avoids the prohibitions contained in the candidates' guidebook.