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It's been five years since Blaise Compaoré left Burkina Faso after being ousted. Today, he lives in exile in Abidjan and has received Ivorian nationality. But the former head of state dreams of returning to his country, currently victim of numerous terrorist attacks.

For five years, Blaise Compaore has been discreet in the Ivorian capital. Except for a few stays abroad, in Morocco, to benefit from treatments or holidays in Senegal, he leaves little of the banks of the Ébrié lagoon where he has taken up residence.

But with a keen eye, he continues to follow the political life of Burkina Faso and especially that of his party. In his Ivorian residence, he regularly receives caciques from the CDP in the grip of internal dissension.

Last September, he summoned Eddie Komboïgo and Léonce Koné to Abidjan to fight a power struggle within the party, of which he is still honorary president .

" It's the fetish of the CDP "

For Émile Kaboré, exile companion of the former head of state, and sentenced to 30 years in prison in absentia in the coup attempt of 2015 in Burkina Faso, " their personal ambition makes them forget where they are coming. Blaise Compaoré is the fetish of the CDP .

This close to the former president adds: " He has expressed the wish to return. Political intelligence should push the Roch Kaboré clan to find a solution. "

Last April, the former strongman of Burkina Faso sent a letter to President Kaboré where he announced his " availability " to support peace initiatives in a country beset by terrorist attacks. A letter that the president of Burkina Faso said he took note of.

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