British high-rise residential fire “Staying in the building” expands damage ”October 31 16:24

In a case of a fire in a high-rise house that killed more than 70 people in London, England, the committee investigating the cause concluded that the fire authorities ordered residents to stay inside the building, which increased the damage. Voices to pursue responsibilities from bereaved families are rising.

A fire broke out from a 24-story high-rise house in western London, and 72 people were killed.

The investigation committee, which was investigating the cause of the fire, released the report on 30th.

According to it, about the cause of the fire, it is because the fire came out due to the failure of the electric system of the refrigerator on the 4th floor.

On top of that, it was pointed out that the flammable material that did not meet the standards was used in the building, so it spread at once.

Furthermore, the fire authorities officially instructed the residents to stay in the building and wait for rescue, which concludes that the damage was magnified.

Fire authorities have argued that “there is no technical evidence to support the conclusion”, but there have been calls for responsibility from bereaved families.