Houston (AP) - The Washington Nationals have for the first time in club history won the championship in the North American Baseball League MLB. The team from the US capital won the decisive seventh game of this year's World Series against the Houston Astros 6: 2.

After Yuli Gurriel (Homerun / 2nd inning) and Carlos Correa (RBI-Single / 5th inning) were able to put the Texans ahead 2-0, the Nats beat back from the seventh inning. Washington's Anthony Rendon (solo homerun) and Howie Kendrick (two-run home run) provided a 3-2 lead.

Young star Juan Soto (RBI-Single) increased the score in the eighth inning to 4: 2. Nats outfielder Adam Eaton (Two-RBI-Single) scored in the ninth inning.

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