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After twenty years of betrayal .. How does Hillary Clinton justify the continuation of her marriage?


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Who doesn't want to discuss the emotional life of others, especially those celebrities in art and politics? Those who read the details of their lives to feel as if we are able to intervene in them to fix them, or to ask them: Why do you stay together despite everything that happened?

Over the years, the public considered that the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should separate from her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, after exposing his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky in the late 1990s, while many believe that the decision to continue to make sense for them. But how does Hillary see herself that decision?

In October, the last time she had met hundreds of questions about her marriage, Hillary admitted on ABC's Good Morning America that her marriage was the boldest and bravest decision she made in her personal life, It was a good decision.

Hillary sees the most difficult details of her decision as her choice of silence for many years whenever discussed in the decision to continue her marriage to the most famous woman minister in the world, and even did not hint at the painful experiences of betrayal experienced by him; according to the British Guardian, justified that it rejects the traditional view of marriage Ideal, generally marriage.

For Hillary, marriage is a peculiar institution governed by religious bodies, governments, society, neighbors, friends and relatives.

Why did they stay together?
Hillary's courage lies as a wife by enduring the pressure of public opinion, and because she remains married to someone who commits a lot against her. Hillary knows the public's curiosity about her life, and many are uncomfortable not knowing why her marriage continues, but she has chosen to ask herself about her own feelings, rather than allowing herself to concede to a rejection around her, which she detailed in her book Hard Choices. After losing the 2016 presidential election.

In her book, Hillary wrote her clearest response to Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and provided a personal and profound description of the inter-couples life, and her turbulence at that time, without specifically mentioning her husband's betrayal. "There were times I wasn't sure if But in those days I asked myself the most important question for me: Do I still love him? Can I stay in this marriage without getting angry and resentful of this decision in the future? So I stayed. "

In the same chapter of the book, Hillary reminded her of her memories of Bill, and of her joy whenever she retrieved details of their first meeting at Rothko, and wrote, "I still think he is one of the most handsome men of all I have ever known. I am proud of him and proud of his mind." Thinker and his big heart, and his contributions to the world, I love him with all my heart. "

Throughout the pages of this chapter about Bill, Hillary has shown that her husband is her main source of confidence on both the personal and political levels, describing him as a father who is committed and loving, and who is credited with her work in politics, long before she thought of running for the general election. "You have to do it, and it would be a great job; I would love to vote for you as president of America."

Love or social form?
Hillary pointed out that her relationship with Bill continued and strengthened because of the public and political life they agreed upon, despite the complexities they met whenever they emerged from people they did not invite them alone, and only want to identify them in order to get a good story to tell the newspapers.

Hillary recalled that Bill was standing next to her, confirming his role as a friend, especially after losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, and tells that they returned to their home in New York, and avoided answering their phones and e-mail for several days, because Hillary was not ready to read messages with feelings of regret and sadness or gloating , And even those questions about how and why they did their best to win.

In those days Hillary was grateful to her husband who was a close friend; not only in happy times, but also in sad times.

In the eyes of the public, Hillary and Bill's relationship remains one of the most controversial, despite Hillary's recent responses, not only because of his blatant fines; but in the face of harsh criticism for defending her husband in his sexual assaults against women who accused him of sexual harassment, despite her opposition As soon as Donald Trump won the presidency, she marveled at the vote of 62 million people for a man accused of sexually assaulting women.

Another reason was that Bill abandoned his wife in her two failed presidential campaigns, a remark Hillary replied that she had already helped him become America's president and succeeded in her role, but he did not have to help her become America's president, because he did not have to.

Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky was the most famous scandal, after leaked phone calls between the two discussing the details of their relationship, Monica was working in the White House trainee during Bill's first presidential term, and after the confirmation of the confession Monica confessed to have sex in the Office of the President, and in the end Bill admitted the truth of the prosecution He said he had to lie to the American people, according to The Washington Post.

Source: aljazeera

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