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The photo that led the Civil Guard to the runaway mother who used her daughters to make pedophile videos


When the lieutenant saw the picture, he recognized the area. A relative had a house nearby and had spent the summer there more than once. I knew her well. It was Benalmáden

  • Malaga: Sentenced to six years in jail for producing and selling pedophile videos with two of his daughters aged 14 and 8

When the lieutenant saw the picture, he recognized the area. A relative had a house nearby and had spent the summer there more than once. I knew her well. It was Benalmadena . A municipality on the Costa del Sol that visits hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and extends from the coast to the interior.

They knew that locating the exact point where the little girl had made the capture was going to be complicated, but they had the help of technology to narrow the search. Civil Guard agents sat at the computer and toured the town through Google Street View .

The task was not easy, but it finally paid off. During one of those long days in which the eyelashes were burned in front of the screen they recognized buildings that were familiar to them. They expanded and compared. It was there. They had no doubts. They knew even the balcony from which the snapshot could have been taken. It was necessary to get going.

Investigators arrived at the property early in the morning. In the pool, the owner of the house and his son. The door was open. So they entered and found her inside. Carola , the 35-year-old woman of Swedish nationality , behind whom they had been days and days, with her four minor children. The true objective of the investigation. "She was surprised," reminds EL MUNDO of one of the agents present, "but he assumed the facts when we explained why we stopped her."

The neat-looking and well-dressed young woman was sought by the authorities in her country for producing pedophile videos starring her 8 and 14-year-old daughters who later sold to other individuals. His escape came to an end at that time. He is already in prison.

This detention, carried out by agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO), took place in August last year, although it has not been made public until the Swedish authorities have not communicated the outcome of the investigation: the entry into prison of the parent and the arrest of four other persons allegedly linked to the facts.

The investigations were initiated by the Swedish Police upon learning that several women were using minors in their family environment to produce pedophile content material and sell it online. Initially they arrested two people, but a woman who could be related to the events managed to flee the Scandinavian country with at least four of her five minor children, as reported by the Civil Guard, which has detailed that the suspect went through Malta before to settle on the coast of Malaga.

The Swedish Police, via Europol , requested the collaboration of the Civil Guard to locate them and the efforts made by the Department of Telematic Crimes of the UCO showed that the suspect had registered in our country to obtain an NIE and that for this He had provided a false address.

Thanks to the analysis of images uploaded on social networks by the oldest of the daughters, a house could be identified in the Malaga town of Mijas , in which, after making several checks it was found that this family was only there for a few weeks. The agents subsequently identified other addresses - some in Fuengirola -, in which the family stayed for very short periods of time.

"Financial needs"

It was another photograph of the child who directed the investigation towards a home in Benalmádena. He was recognized by one of the agents in charge of the case: he had spent the summer there. The property, located in the vicinity of the Tivoli World amusement park, was owned by a Swedish citizen who lived there with his firstborn. The space was divided into several apartments; the suspect occupied one of them with her four children.

The consulted sources indicated that the detainee had passed through several municipalities of the Costa del Sol. "She did not get to rent any of the homes in which she was with her four children. She always stayed in homes of foreign citizens under conditions that they have not been revealed, "said the sources consulted, who emphasize that Carola knew she was wanted because" she only stayed a few days in each of those houses. A week or two at most. "

The woman, when questioned about the causes that led her to record pornographic material with her own children, said it was "due to financial needs." She had recorded and sold videos starring herself, but the images of minors are much more valuable.

The researchers, however, give some credibility to this story, since the young woman departs a lot from the pedophile prototype and lacks computer skills to cope with the Deep Internet , which is where these types of sex offenders develop.

The aforementioned sources point out that no other individual participated in the recordings of the little ones, and that in the images "only girls and some part of the mother's body were seen."

Rapid judicial and police cooperation

Thanks to international cooperation, both in the judicial field with Eurojust and in the police with Europol , it has allowed that in just a few days from the first information that pointed to Spain, the house search and the arrest of the alleged aggressor were carried out sexual.

At the time of the arrest of this woman, the four minors were 14, 13 -this, the only male- 8 and 5 years old . According to what could be corroborated in view of the result of a first analysis of the information found at home, sexual abuse would have been committed, at least, on two of the daughters of the detainee, aged 14 and 8 respectively.

The detainee, given the seriousness of the events, immediately entered the provisional prison decreed by the National Court , while her children, through the collaboration of the Spanish and Swedish social services, were transferred to their country of origin where they were provided different host families.

There were no abuses in Spain

Once the material intervened by the Department of Telematic Crimes of the UCO was analyzed, it was confirmed that sexual abuse of minors would not have occurred in our country, so that the request for extradition was accepted by the Spanish judicial authorities issued by Sweden.

That same analysis, together with the statements of the detainee, allowed to identify more people involved in the investigated facts, proceeding by the Swedish authorities to the arrest of three buyers of pedophile material in the Scandinavian country.

Recently the Swedish competent court has published the sentence, which condemns the woman detained in Spain to a total of six years in prison for sexual abuse committed on two of her daughters, as well as for the production and dissemination of sexual abuse material to minors .

The three men arrested thanks to the information obtained by the Civil Guard, as well as the two women previously detained in Sweden, have also been sentenced to prison terms.

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