• Cucchi, the lawyer Naso: "I hope it's the last trial of the Pignatone era"
  • Cucchi, the German lawyer asks for acquittal: "During the beating he defended him and rescued him"
  • Cucchi case. Ilaria: this is the year of the turning point, the truth has entered the Chamber
  • Cucchi case. PM asks 18 years for the two Carabinieri accused of the beating


30 October 2019There are also the former Defense Minister, Elisabetta Trenta, Ignazio La Russa and the general commander of the Arma, Giovanni Nistri, in the text list presented this morning by the lawyer Fabio Anselmo, lawyer of the Cucchi family, in view of the trial on the misdirections linked to the fakes to hide the beating in the barracks on the evening of the surveyor's arrest.

Process that will begin next 12 November. Along with the three, five other generals of the Weapon have also been mentioned: Vittorio Tomasone, Leonardo Gallitelli, Tullio Del Sette, Biagio Abrate and Salvatore Luongo.

Defense attacks: "Stalinist process"
"It was not a murder. Cucchi did not die from the beatings, there are the reports of twenty expert doctors who say it." The trial on the death of Stefano Cucchi, which sees five carabinieri as defendants, three of them for unintentional homicide, goes to the final stages and this time the word passes to the defense. The latter, in particular the lawyer of Marshal Mandolini, accused of forgery and slander, counter-attacks and points the finger at what he calls "a Stalinist process".

"This process is not aimed at establishing whether Cucchi had had beatings, but if due to those beatings Cucchi died. And there are at least twenty doctors whose expert reports spoke of sudden and accidental death not attributable to traumatism peacefully suffered by Cucchi on the occasion of his arrest, "said Mandolini's lawyer Giosué Bruno Naso in his speech. The lawyer also criticized the whole procedure in recent months, crossed by testimonies and new parallel investigations that led to a new trial - the one on misleading - against eight other carabinieri, which will start on 12 November.

"The Stalinist trials - Naso added, referring to the ongoing proceedings on the death of Stefano, whose sentence is expected on November 14th - were characterized in this way: they started from the prejudice, which most of the time started from the personality of the accused to come to affirm responsibility. In this process not much has been done ". And there was no lack of attacks on the now former prosecutor of Rome: "I hope this process is the last trial of the Pignatone era," he said. And again: "I do not say that this is also a process - he added alluding to the recent ruling on the investigation initially referred to as' Mafia Capital - otherwise I would also be exposed to public outcry for five years. Maximum respect for the story of Stefano's death ".

The legal defender of Marshal Mandolini then intervened on the role of Francesco Tedesco, one of the three carabinieri charged with intentional murder and key witnesses in the proceedings, whose declarations in 2018 made a change in the process. According to the lawyer, Tedesco's - who accused the other two colleagues of Stefano's beating - "is an interested strategy. You are convinced that if the prison officers were convicted in the first trial and the problems of the neutralized carabinieri, Tedesco would have done that what did you do? "he said, turning to the Court.

"The words spoken by Tedesco while D'Alessandro and Di Bernardo were pounding Stefano," Stop it !! Don't allow yourself !! What the fuck do you do?!?! ", They would certainly not have been enough to stop the fury of the violence of the colleagues. There had to be a physical intervention as it actually happened", has instead commented in a post Ilaria Cucchi, Stefano's sister, who during the intervention of Mandolini's lawyer left the classroom indignant with the family.

Of a completely different opinion is the defense of the German himself, according to whom the carabiniere "unknowingly represented the smallest and weakest washer of a huge and powerful gear that for once rotated in phase. He tried to stop this mechanism but he he was inexorably overwhelmed, invested ", said lawyer Eugenio Pini, for whom" it is Cucchi who says that Tedesco shouted and saved him. Unfortunately, after this affair I fear he will lose his job and his uniform ".