By brushing and coloring, the 20-year-old girl overwhelmed Yusra Ashraf's "dystonia," or cerebral palsy, which causes involuntary movements in the hands and feet, to become a distinct artist in the so-called glasic painting, taking a path that expresses her sadness, joy and mood.

Destonia is a kinetic medical syndrome that is a constant contraction of a group of muscles, which can sometimes lead to repetitive and distorted movements, punctuated by strange positions of the extremities, and can cause difficulties in standing or walking.

Yousra says her illness started at seven months, and even seven years she was not fully moving, but when her hand began to move she tried to use the pen randomly, and gradually discovered the talent of painting.

Not only did Yousra during her treatment journey try to overcome her illness, but she managed to achieve herself and develop herself in this art until her paintings emerged and became one of the pioneers of fine exhibitions.

Yousra considers that art is what prompted her to challenge the disease and make her stand on her feet again.

Yusra's illness was not the only challenge in her life. The bullying she suffered during her studies caused her to be deprived of completing basic education and was the biggest obstacle in her life.

Despite her insistence on achieving universalism in plastic art, her nostalgia for schooling has become her biggest dream.