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US warming simulation Is the population of the affected area three times the expected?


The number of people affected by sea level rise due to climate change may be three times higher than the previous assumption.

US warming simulation The population in the affected area is three times the expected or 5:30 on October 30

The simulation of an American organization revealed that the number of people affected by sea level rise due to climate change could be three times higher than previously assumed. While doing so, it could have a major impact on the city and the economy. ”

According to a paper published in the British scientific journal “Nature Communications” dated 29th of this month, an American NPO in which researchers of climate change participated, applying “machine learning” used for AI development, etc. Developed a new method to improve the accuracy of simulation up to.

Using this method, based on data from 135 countries around the world, the impact of sea level rise due to climate change was reviewed, and the population in the area along the sea that could be affected by, for example, being submerged by 2050. This is about three times the assumption of the old simulation model.

Above all, even in the Asian region, even if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to the target level of the Paris Agreement, the region where 237 million people currently live regularly floods. It is supposed to be.

Of these, 93 million people are affected in China, 3.2 times the previous assumption, 42 million people in Bangladesh, 42 million people, and 36 million people in India, 7.2 times.

Japan also affects 5.3 million people, 700,000 more than previous simulations.

Dr. Scott Calp, author of the paper, said, “While we live, climate change can have a huge impact on cities and the way we do economy. “We will be constantly forced to take measures against floods.”

Source: nhk

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