Paris (AFP)

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn has objected on Tuesday to the idea, put forward by François Bayrou, that it could be a "plan B" of the presidential majority for the municipal in Paris.

As she was asked on RTL if she could be this "Plan B", Ms. Buzyn replied, "No, not at all".

In Paris, "there is a candidate invested by En Marche, it is Benjamin Griveaux, I support it," said the minister. "I also wish with all my heart that Cédric Villani ranks behind Benjamin Griveaux and that we have only one candidate and no dissident," she added.

Ms. Buzyn said she did not "talk" with Mr. Bayrou about his idea. "I am totally and completely committed to my files, even though I said that one day I will rub an election, a candidacy, but it is not the city of Paris," she added. .

On Sunday, the president of the MoDem, Emmanuel Macron's ally, claimed that the presidential majority was suffering from the rivalry between Benjamin Griveaux and the dissident Cédric Villani, and that it must aim for "a plan B" to have a chance to conquer the country. capital city. Bayrou had endorsed the names of Agnès Buzyn or former minister Jean-Louis Borloo.

In March, Bayrou had already cited Agnès Buzyn as a possible head of the LREM list in the European elections. The presidential party had finally chosen Nathalie Loiseau, then Minister of European Affairs.

Benjamin Griveaux reacted on Monday to Mr. Bayrou's remarks, pointing out that he wanted to work to convince him that he is the man of the situation for the municipal in the capital.

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